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CH. Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman
Frisianstaff's Enter Sandman
Showuitslagen Guus
fotoalbum Guus
CH. SUNNY NJK'13, JW'13, W'13
CH. Liz Crufts CC '16

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* 18.03.2017 Nederlandse Terriër Unie
Judge: Mr. E. Galvin (UK)
Guus Kampioensklasse: 1U/CAC/BOB

Judge dogs: Jamie Mace
Judge Bitches: Bret Lay
Guus RCC en Reserve Best in Show

*26.03.2016 Luxembourg Dogshow. Judge:Mrs. L. Kersbergen (NL)
  Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman Kamp.klas 2EXC

13.03.2016 CRUFTS Judges: Mrs. V. Richardson ( males) and Mr. T. Curd ( Bitches)
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman Short listed at last 8 out off 41
   Sennyards Coming Home Now : 5th out off 35

                                    Daughter of Guus x Isa


* 17.01.2016 Nicolai Grishkov Trofee
   Judges: Mr. O. Verhoorevoort, Mr. S. Stone, Mrs. L. Fergusson
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman (Guus)  2e beste reu

* 19.12.2015 Brusselsdogshow. Judge Mr. V. van Raamsdonk (Bel)
   Kampioensklas: Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman 2 EXC RCAC/RCACIB


* 18.10.2015 Southern Counties SBT Society
   Judges: Mr. E. Galvin and Mr. M. Davies
   Guus: 1st in strong Open Class and CC and RES.BEST in Show
   Britt: 1st in Open Class

   Guus 3rd CC so now he is UK CHAMPION!!!!

Open Dog
1st Branten & Branten Simons Int Ch NL Ch VDC Frisian Enter Sandman saw this dog as a 10 month old pup win a big puppy class then go into a very strong Junior and won that today I got my chance to go over him and again I was not disappointed classy dog who has a ring presence every inch of him was tight and hard he was put down top form loved this dogs attitude while moving down the mat another who watched his opposition with eager eyes but never getting out of his stride he uses his powerful backend to drive himself across the ground and then stands at the end with an expression across his sculptured head with his ears setting off an picture of Staffordshire Bull Terrier CC & Res BIS

* 17.10.2015 Western SBT Society Championship Show
   Judge: Mr. Peter Rhodes (UK)
   Guus: EXC

* 11.0.2015 Kampioenschaps Clubmatch
   Judges: Mrs.A. Hubery, Mrs. B. Harrison, Mrs. L. McFadyen, Mr. P. Martin
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman : Open klas: 4 Uitmuntend

* 10.10.2015 Internationale Stafford Match
   Guus, Liz en Britt zijn genomineerd om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen voor de ISM.
   En de resultaten mochten er zijn.
   Guus moest samen met zijn half-broer Bubba uitkomen voor de reuen ouder dan 2 jaar
   En werden beste team van deze categorie

* 20.09.2015 North Eastern SBTC Championship Show
   Judge: Mrs. E. Norton (UK)
   Guus: 1st in Open Class RCC
* 19.09.2015 Nothern Counties SBTC Championship Show
   Judge: Mr. Peter Naylor (UK)
   Guus: 5th in Open Class

* 18.09.2015 Darlington Championship Show
   Judge: Mrs. M. Ward (UK)
   Guus: 2nd in Open Class

* 10.07.2015 East of England Show (UK)
   Judge: Mr. Gary Hinsley (UK)

   CH. Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman: 1EXC/CC/BOB


1. Branten’s INT CH FRISIAN STAFF'S ENTER SANDMAN BJW '12 Blk/brdl, this exhibit stole the show for me today, viewed from any angle he presents a picture of power for size without any exaggeration or coarseness, his head is all male, lovely stop and his ears are neat and well set not heavy at all. I must mention this exhibits dentition, his teeth are large, white and well set with large canines to compliment a perfect example of what is required. Straight in front with well boned legs, when viewed from above behind the collar this lad has it all there, it all flows nicely together at the right points with the right amount, his front and rear angulation work together in unison when he’s asked to move, producing drive that looks effortless and just that look that he has it all going on , he was presented to me in the peak of physical condition. CC & BOB

   and his daughter:
   Sennyards Love at First Sight: 2EXC/RCC


2. Branten’s SENNYARDS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT NJK '14 Blk Brdl exhibit also possessing outstanding virtue, I could easily just repeat my observations on the 1st placed exhibit here, they both had what I deemed to be what the standard asks for, she was also presented to me in the pink of conditioning. When comparing them both together it came down to a preference for a tad better eye shape on 1st giving a slightly (and I mean slightly) better expression. Lovely. RCC 

* 27.06.2015 Ambiorixtrofee (Belgie)
   Judge: Mrs. E. Weijenborg
   CH. Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman: 1 Exc/CAC/CACIB
* 24.05.2015 Int. Dogshow Saarbrucken (Germ)
   Judge: Mr. G. von Dungen (DE)

   CH. Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman: 1EXC/CAC/CACIB/BOB

Sennyards Love at First Sight: 1EXC/CAC/CACIB

* 03.05.02015 Merseyside Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
   Judge: Dogs: Mr. Pete Hopgood (UK), Bitches: Mrs. Jodie Sing (Aus)

   CH. Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman:




04.05.2015 Morecambe Bay & Cumbria,Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club 
  Championship Show. Judge: Mr. Colin Powell (UK)
 Guus: Exc

* 12.04.2015 Jongehonden dag van de SBTCN
   Judges: Mr. D. Manito (Uk) en Mrs. D. Brommont-Lothary (Duitsland)
  Daughter Guus: Sennyards Born to be my Baby ( Britt) van Jantsje van der Meer

                           BESTE JONGEHOND van de dag

* 07.03.2015 Crufts
   Judge: Mrs. A. Hubery (Uk)
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman wint het RCC ( 2e beste reu van de dag van 200         
   ingeschreven reuen)
   Guus schrijft geschiedenis voor Nederland. Is de 1e Nederlandse reu die ooit het RCC
   heeft gehaald
   op Crufts. Bedankt Rini van Wijk voor het voorbrengen van Guus.

Open Dog. 40 ent. 5 abs. I toyed for days how I was going to judge this huge class. I myself have been in a class where there was a split. Half were sent out and 5 places were given then the next half were brought in and 5 places were given. I myself could not do this to be fair to all exhibits & their exhibitors. I felt that all dogs entered should be seen by everyone then all got their chance to shine in that huge class. I made quick notes who went out & the same came back in and was happy I did this. The Ring could have been a little larger. I asked some exhibitors were they comfortable where they were all said yes. A very difficult class as I could have given at least 20 cards out here.
1st. Mr & Mrs Davies. Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can. He surly can be on my sofa any day, a b/b with white on his chest. I have judged him before as a gangly youngster what a handsome young dog he has turned out to be. Standard was written for this dog in my opinion. His head was spanned and spanned again so strong of correct shape, no sponginess between the ears. Which set off perfect expression that was so clean. Correct stop, large nostrils….no breathing problems here. Eyes so round not bulbous, a good fill in under the eyes which gave him the pronounced cheek muscles I was looking for. Tight lipped with huge teeth with correct bite. I loved his powerful front which gave him ample room for heart & lungs, brisket not too deep, a topline that was kept level on the move. If he was mine I would like him a wee bit lighter in the loins, but he is not mine. His hindquarters were strong without being overdone, excellent pump handle tail. This all finished the complete picture of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to me. He moved with purpose. I was so proud to have given him the C.C. today and with the co judge Jim Devine giving the nod for B.O.B. Well done.
In the group he did not shame the breed well turned out a good representative but he got a sniff of something in that ring and we all know how hard it is to get a Stafford’s head up once they smell something tasty. Very well done & congratulations.
2nd. G T J & A E M Branten. Ned/VDH/Int. Ch Frisian Staff’s Enter Sandman BJW’12. A lighter brindle of superb quality from head to tail so powerful yet so elegant on the move. I thought his head was a different shape to 1st and he had a little more lift to his front, very clean in shoulders not bunchy muscles there, brisket just correct with spring of rib, he was nicely tucked up, very good bend of stifle. Two very good Staffords. I liked the little bit more length of stop on winner that was my deciding factor in a very close decision. He got the nod for RCC. Well done. 

*18.01.15 Nicolai Grishkov Trofee
Judge: Mr. Mike Davies, Mr. Derrick Lewis en Mrs. Anita van Bussel
Guus 3e beste reu
Liz 3e beste teef
And his daughter Britt:

 Britt van Jantsje (Sennyards Born to be my Baby)

*13.12.2014 Winner Amsterdam
Judge: Anca Giura (RO)
Guus Kamp.klas: 3U

* 07.12.2014 Brussels Dogshow
Judge: Mr. T. Leenen
Guus Kampioensklasse: 1U/RESCACIB/ Brussels Winner '14

and his daughter Liz:


* 16.11.2014 Int. Dogshow Kortrijk
Judge: Mr.
Guus: Kampioensklasse: 1U/CAC/CACIB/BOB
Bedankt Jantsje en Philip voor het voorbrengen van Guus!!!

*02.11.2014 Int, Dogshow Bleiswijk
Judge: B. Janssen-van Londen
Guus: Kampioensklasse 1U/CAC/CACIB

* 18.10.2014 Int. dogshow Dortmund Bundessieger
Judge: John Scanlan(UK)
Guus: Kampioensklas 3U

*19.10.2014 Int.Dogshow Dortmund
Judge: Mr. Markov (SER)
Hierbij Definitief DUITS KAMPIOEN


12.10.2014 Clubmatch
Jeff Ford, Frank Cough en Paul Stanway
Guus: Kampioensklas U Judge Frank Cough

* 05.07.2014 SSBTK ( Swedisch Stafford Bull Terriër Klub)
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman Exc. Champion Class/ Judge Lauri Ford
   Junior Class: Judge Steve Dickenson
   Sennyards Love @ First Sight Exc. 9th out off 55 entries
   Sennyards Born to be my Baby Exc. 5th out off 55 entries
   Sandstaffs Inkberry Holly (Swedish daughter of Guus) Exc
   Junior Class males: Judge Mick Clarcke
   Cometstaff Invincible ( Swedish Sun of Guus)Exc  4th out off 40 entries
   Offspring class: Judge Bill Blacker
   2nd place

*08.06.2014 Int. Dogshow Saarbrücken
Judge: Mrs. C. Bergundthal (CH)
Guus: Championclass: 1V/CAC/CACIB/BOB/Saarlandsieger
Sunny: Intermediare: 1V/CAC/CACIB/Saarlandsiergerin

* 25.05.2014 Terrier Show: Dormagen (DE)
Judge: Mr. Markov
Liz: Jeugdklas: 1V/JCAC Beste Jeugdhond
Guus: Kampioensklas: 1V/CAC/BOB

* 26.04.2014 Int. Dogshow Lingen (Duitsland)
Keurmeester: Mrs. Brigitte HäuBler (DE)

* 19.04.2104 Int. dogshow Goes
Keurmeester: Mevr. M. Jansen-Kalshoven
Guus: Openklasse: 1U/CAC/CACIB

                                       GUUS is NEDERLANDS KAMPIOEN!!!!!

* 06.04.2014 Int. dogshow Utrecht
Keurmeester: Mr. G. Christensen (DK)
Guus: Openklasse: 1EXC/Res. CAC/IB

*29.03.2014 Int. Luxemburg dogshow
Keurmeester: Mrs. J. Blacker (UK)
Guus: Openklasse:1EXC/Res CAC/IB

* 22.03.2014 Int.Dogshow Leiden
  Keurmeester: Mevr. E. Weijenborg-Weggemans
  Guus: Openklasse: 1U/CAC/CACIB/BOB

* 07.03.2014 World Biggest Dogshow CRUFTS

       Foto: Jantsje van der Meer
   Judge: Mr. R. Pugh
   1st in Limit Class out off 30 entries

 And in line-up with the 10 best off the 189 dog entries



* 08.02.2014 Dogshow Eindhoven
   Mrs. Eikeseth (No)
   Openklasse; 2U

* 20.12.2013 Kerstshow Cuijk
   Mr. van de Horst
   Openklasse: 2U

* 14.12.2013 Amsterdam WINNER
   Keurmeester: Mrs. Natalja Skalin Nekrosiene (SE)
   Guus:  Openklasse 2U

* 13.12.2013 Eendaagse Amsterdam
   Keurmeester: Mr. Denis Kuzelj (Bulg.)
   Guus:    Openklasse 2U

* 02.11.2013 Dogshow Bleiswijk
   Keurmeester: Mr. U. Göransson (SE)
   Guus:   Openklas: 1U/CAC/CACIB

* 27.10.2013 Kampioenschapsclubmatch SBTCN
  Judges: Mrs. C. Bergundthal (Swiss), Mr. J. Ryder (UK), Mr. G. Fraizer ( Australia)
  Guus: Intermediare: 4U


                     Foto Andreas Romijn

* 26.10.2013 International Country match SBTCN Asperen
   Wat een geweldige show. Echt genoten. En dan wordt je als land ook nog beste



* 13.10.2013 Championship show: SWKA ( Wales UK)
   Judge: Mr. Steve Whitehouse (UK)
   Guus Intermediare : 1EXC

Critiques of Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman:

op draw dog who excels in type, in top condition, strong typical head carrying a lovely expression, neat rose ears & big teeth in a scissor bite, excellent pigmentation, superb front, good feet, strong hindquarters, moved well & professionally handled, another who could gain his title;

   * 12.10.2013 Championship show Yate (UK)
   Judges: Mr. Frank Reader and Mrs. Elaine Norton
   Guus not placed

* 06.10.2013 Dogshow Zwolle
   Keurmeester: Mrs. L. Kersbergen (NL)
   Guus Openklas: 1U/RCACIB

* 15.09.2013 DCBT e.V Clubschau Volkmarsen
   Judge: Mr. Steve Whitehouse
   Intermediare: 1EXC/VDH CAC/Clubsieger/BOB/BIS


* 26.07.2013  LEEDS Championship Show
   Judge: Mrs. Karon Jackson (UK)
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman: 1st in Yearling class

1st Branten & Branten-Simons’ FRISIAN STAFF’S ENTER SANDMAN B/Br dog whom I have had the pleasure of judging previously and he certainly did not disappoint on this occasion. Cracking head with strength, type and good size. Deep through skull, distinct stop. Lovely expression from neat set e...ars and good eye placement. He is clean in front which is straight and well boned. Good feet and pads. Broad in chest and correct depth of brisket. Tightly tucked up into strong well covered loins. Short coupling. Powerful rear with definition. Good bend of stifle. Moved parallel with drive. Presented today in top condition. Had a tendancy to lean towards the handler when stood which spoiled his overall outline slightly. Nonetheless, this dog has much to offer and competes at high level. He pushed hard for top honours today. 
   Klik op de link of op de foto voor het filmpje voor beste reu en beste teef in LEEDS.


* 07.07.2013 GBF Clubshow Meisdorf
   Judge: Mrs. Jo Blacker ( Crossguns UK)
   Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman 3EXC

* 12 mei 2013: Int. dogshow Dortmund
   Keurmeester: Mrs. D. Bromment-Lothary (D)
   Guus Intermediare: 2U/resVDHCAC

* 10mei 2013: Echo bij Madyson gemaakt. Ze is drachtig. We hopen rond half juni 
                     pupjes te verwachten uit de combinatie Guus X Madyson.

* 20 April 2013: Dogshow Goes: 
   Keurmeester: Mrs.McCarry-Beattie (IRL)
   Guus Jeugdklas: 3U              

* 14 April 2013: Jongehonden & Veteranendag SBTCN
   Judge: Mark Davies (UK)
   Jeugd: 1U
* 13 April 2013 : Brabodogshow Antwerpen:
   Keurmeester: Dhr. W. Jungblut (De)
   Intermediare: 3U                            


* 17 maart: Terriër Show
   Keurmeester: Mrs. K. Jackson (UK)
   Jeugdklas: 1U/CAC
* CRUFTS: 7 maart 2013
   Special Junior class: 1st in class of 19 entries!

* Dogshow Groningen: 3 maart 2013
  Keurmeester: Mr. M. Inzoli (IT)
  Jeugdklas: 2U

* Dogshow Eindhoven: 1 febr. 2013
   Keurmeester: Dhr. A. Korozs (HU)
   Jeugdklas: 2U/ResCAC

* Nicolai Grishkov Trofee 2012:
   Judges : Mrs. Coble, Mrs. Blacker and Mr. Lothary

   Guus: Winnaar Nicolai Grishkov Trofee 2012 @ the age of 12 months.

                                            So proud on this boy!



* Studbook nummer van Guus.
  En dit op een leeftijd van 10 maanden. TROTS!!!!

* Kerstshow Wijchen:
   Keurmeester: R. Doedijns (NL)
   Jeugdklas: 2U

* Int. Brusseldogshow:
   Keurmeester: G. Cox (Irl)
1U/ Brussels Jeugd Winner 2012


* Winner Amsterdam: 24 november 2012
   KM: Cindy Kersemeijer
   Jeugdklas: 2U

*  The Staffordshire Bull Terriër Club Champion Show: Warwickshire (UK)
    Judge: Tommy Curd ( Knockon, UK)
    Puppy class;
1st place/ Best Puppy dog/Best Pup in show

    Junior class: 1st place
    Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate(RCC) 
Crufts Qualifited 2013.
    He get's a STUDBOOK number and is Crufts Qualifited for live!
    On the age of 10 months!


* Int.Dogshow Bleiswijk: 4 november 2012
   Keurmeester: Mw. E. Weijenborg-Weggemans

* KCM SBTCN: 14 oktober 2012
   Keurmeester: Tony Lee (UK)
   Jeugdklasse: 4U

* IJsselshow: 7 oktober 2012:
   Keurmeester: Mw. Bons-de Wever
   Jeugdklasse: 3U

Puppydag KV Waalwijk: 2 september 2012
  Frisian Staff's Enter Sandman wordt 7e beste pup van de dag. En dit 
  van 100 puppies! En met 8 verschillende keurmeesters.